2019-20 Design Portfolio

gathr: Social Events  —
July 2019
App Wireframes

After a month of interviews with users and businesses, gathr chose to pivot from acting as a social dining platform to being a broader events planning mobile app. Founded on the desire to provide a way for neighbors or employees to more naturally meet one another than via events organized by apartment managers or company executives, the new app was designed for exclusive use in small circles contingent on preexisting communities (neighborhoods, companies, universities, etc.) as compared to broader group event planning apps such as Meetup.

Rebecca assisted in reimagining and designing the first iteration of the new app over the course of three weeks to act as a demo for users at Kips Bay Court in New York City and several small apartment complexes in New Haven, CT before preparing for a beta launch in Stuyvesant Town, NYC. 

gathr: Social Events —
July 2019
Promotional Materials

While preparing for the new gathr app’s demo launch in Kips Bay Court in August 2019, Rebecca designed a series of flyers accompaning the new app to be emailed to residents of Kips Bay, posted on boards around the apartment complex, and placed in welcome packets of new Kips Bay residents.  

gathr: Social Dining —
June 2019
Brand Identity & Social Media

Rebecca joined the gathr team in May 2019 while it was still operating under the name “Homecooked.” During her time as lead designer, Rebecca assisted with the startup’s rebrand to “gathr,” working to design its logo and brand identity. While the social dining version of the app inevitably went unutilized after the company’s July pivot, Rebecca was in charge of running the company’s social media account and designing its (now defunct) website. 

The social media presence was focused on highlighting the diversity of hosts and guests who used the app and the experiences they had made while meeting their neighbors through sharing a meal together. Both traditional and story posts were made daily, targetting specific demographic timeframes for maximum follower interaction. The account gained 200+ followers in the two weeks following its reactivation. Though defunct, it can still currently be found here.

gathr: Social Dining —
June 2019
Email Templates

In preparation for the relaunch of the gathr (formerly Homecooked) app, Rebecca designed a series of email templates meant to be sent out to host and guest users of the app when they organized or attended events (called “tables”), as well as monthly emails designed to feature tables from the previous month to encourage user retention.  

Kimberly Moore: Community Coordinator —
April 2019
Portfolio Website

A portfolio website created for Kimberly Moore, a Louisville, Kentucky based public speaker and community organizer who works with homeless and troubled youth in the Russell neighborhood. Her full website can be viewed here.

BrightDining —
March 2019
App Wireframes

Brightdining is a faux mobile application designed in a two-week period during the TsaiCITY Paper to Prototype App Design Intensive course at Yale University, which met for four days over the course of a month to discuss the process of mobile app design.

Brightdining was designed to act as a mobile dining service app similar to applications such as Yelp and OpenTable, specifically targeted for people who have restrictive dietary needs. Users of BrightDining would be able to input their dietary restrictions and, when searching for restaurants, would be recommended restaurants ranked in order of those which have the most available options for that person’s dietary needs.

Users would also be able to follow other user and restaurant accounts, which would allow for the circulation of reviews and for restaurants to be able to reach out directly to their consumers to share discounts or updates, answer questions, and respond to reviews.  View the entire interactive wireframe here.

Fiercely Fearless —
March 2019
Blog Website

Fiercely Fearless is an inspirational blog and Facebook community founded by Chasidy Hill. Rebecca developed the community’s blog and logo (process variations here) in March 2019, designing a website that would allow for easy user engagement and clean post category divisions while also emphasizing an empowering and feminine visual aesthetic. The full website can be viewed here.
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