BrightDining App Wireframes


Screens of a faux mobile application made during the four-week long TsaiCITY Paper to Prototype App Design Intensive course at Yale University, which met for four days to discuss the steps of mobile app design, including storyboarding, wireframing, and brand identity. Applications were designed using Adobe XD. View the entire interactive wireframe here.

The idea behind the creation of “BrightDining” was to develop a mobile dining service app similar to applications such as Yelp and OpenTable that was specifically targeted for people who have restrictive dietary needs, whether that be for lifestyle choices, religious practices, or food allergies or intolerances. Users of BrightDining would be able to input their dietary restrictions and, when searching for places to eat, the app would recommend restaurants that have the most available options for that person’s dietary needs. This sort of option would be especially useful when someone with dietary restrictions is in an unfamiliar location and needs an easy way to locate restaurants with options that are available to them.

BrightDining users would be able to follow other user accounts, which would allow for circulation of reviews and offer another application for food-centered social media influencers to use to interact and share recommendations with their fanbase. Users would also be able to follow restaurant accounts, which would allow for restaurants to be able to reach out directly to their consumers to share discounts and new menu options, answer questions and respond to reviews.